Corporate Services Network is a highly experienced and independent provider of claims management and TPA services. Headquartered in Sydney and employing over 60 personnel, the company has been providing value-added services to insurers (Domestic and Lloyd's'), underwriting agencies, coverholders, brokers and self-insured corporations for over 20 years.

Corporate Services Network Claims Philosophy

  • Claims adjudication which is not only accurate but fast and fair to the terms of insurance cover
  • Reduce the claims cost for the insurer through proactive claims management
  • Reduce administration costs through dedicated teams, proven panel of external partners, professional management and utilization of techonology
  • Provide insurers, underwriting agents, coverholders and brokers total objectivity and transparency on their client's behalf
  • Full financial expenditure reconciliations to meet even the most stringent compliance requirements
  • Provide leading edge reporting to clients to assist with loss ratio analysis and risk management strategies
  • Represent the client as the client would represent themselves and the protection of their brand
  • Provide a professional advocacy service to policyholders and insured members in line with client requirements

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